Ruck in Germany Rises Up

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Droves of people regularly take to the streets in Germany in order to cry out against arbitrary Covid-19 restrictions and/or measures.


Droves of people took to the streets of Frankfurt/Main, Germany, on the 12th of this 2nd month of the year 2022 to clamor for the revocation of all Covid-19 restrictions. In the process, the marchers excoriated the idea and thought — toyed with by some politicians and public health experts — of putting through a Covid-19 general vaccination mandate despite the ineffectiveness of the Covid-19 “vaccines”. Protest marches were and are staged and held every week in many cities, towns and locales across Germany.

Things were humming up on the 12th of this 2nd month of the year 2022 in the Frankfurt/Main city center as droves of marchers were ambling through the streets, whistling and chanting “to the streets for freedom”, “to the streets for the truth”, “to the streets for the kids”, “to the streets for public health”, “to the streets for love”. Bystanders could see placards and banners reading, “We will no longer go along with you on this issue”, “No to any vaccine mandate”, “For free vaccination decisions”.

Other protest marches took place in cities, towns and locales across Germany, including Berlin, Fulda, Freiburg, and Düsseldorf. Thousands of people take to the streets at least twice every week to cry out against the “creeping dictatorship”. They refer to Section 20 (Subsection 4) of the “Basic Law” (the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany) in order to raise a hue and cry and to rise up against dictatorial or arbitrary attempts and leanings.

Of course, the “Mass Misinformation Media” (MMM) don´t cover or report on most protest marches against the Covid-19 restrictions. They are in cahoots with politicians and public health experts who back those restrictions. In most cases, they overlook or hush them up.

In Berlin protesters were demanding the “recognition of the natural immunity”. Hitherto, millions of people in Germany have relied upon their natural immunity and not contracted the coronavirus disease. In Fulda health care workers called the public´s attention to the fact that other means than the Covid-19 “vaccines” can guard against the coronavirus disease.

Scads of people regularly take to the streets in many cities and towns in Germany so as to excoriate the Covid-19 vaccine mandate and restrictions.

Another huge protest march had taken place in Frankfurt/Main on the 5th of this month. Thousands of people took to the streets that evening because they were and are brassed off with the mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bystanders and passers-by could read the following messages written on the placards and banners: “Peace, Freedom and Self-determination”, “No to the Covid-19 vaccination mandate”, “Kids need a face and not a mask”, “Instead of victimizing those who are hale and hearty [those who aren´t vaccinated], treat and heal the sick [coronavirus-sufferers]”, “ The Nazi is the one who wants to coerce other humans  into getting vaccinated”, “We are the red line”, “No to liars and manipulators”, “ Covid-19 vaccination is an intelligence test. Whoever fails that test gets vaccinated.”

Now then, it´s an open secret that vaccinated and boosted people still contract and transmit Covid-19

Indeed, politicians, adepts in public health, medical experts and many people opine that Karl Lauterbach, the current Federal Health Minister, is not only “insane” but also a “liar”. Lauterbach said recently that the Covid-19 “vaccines” don´t trigger side effects although it´s common knowledge that these sham vaccines have damaged the health of thousands of people. Many politicians, medical experts, biologists, journalists, academics keep giving the Covid-19 “vaccines” a plug and misleading the people by saying that the Covid-19 dud vaccines basically immunize (“ Basic Immunity” ) against the coronavirus disease. Now then, it´s an open secret that vaccinated and boosted people still contract and transmit Covid-19. Some have even died from the coronavirus disease even though they had been fully vaccinated and boosted. 

And what´s worse, the Covid-19 “vaccines” have killed thousands of people and triggered many side effects in the bodies of the vaccinated. In Germany, the “Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines” (also known as the “Paul Ehrlich Institute”) put out a “Safety Report” on the 23rd of December 2021. This “Safety Report”, which spans the period from December 2020 to November 2021, discloses that the Covid-19 “vaccines” killed 1,919 people in Germany alone. The same report discloses that the “Paul Ehrlich Institute” recorded 196,974 side effects triggered by the Covid-19 “vaccines” in Germany alone.  The number of unreported cases is even likely to be higher.

On the 26th of last month, Matthias W. Birkwald, a Member of the Federal Lower House of Parliament, took the floor to tell his colleagues and the people that he is against any “Covid-19 general vaccination mandate” because the Covid-19 “vaccines” can kill those who get inoculated with them. He recounted the story of his father who died after he got vaccinated.  Rolf Merk, a fully qualified lawyer who works with the city of Mainz, has also complained about the side effects that have been plaguing him since he got vaccinated. Many people are in the same dreadful plight; however,  they don´t want to complain publicly because they want to “keep their dignity”.

People gather these stories and know full well that politicians, scientists, academics, medical experts, adepts in public health, and journalists who urge them to get vaccinated without educating them about the hazards or risks associated with the Covid-19 “vaccines” are deceiving and manipulating them.

Also, the Omicron variant has proved to be less severe in Germany

The proponents of the Covid-19 restrictions and of the vaccine mandate do fancy that the punters havent´t seen

Dr Angelique Coetzee, who was the first to alert the international public opinion to the Omicron variant, recently said that she was pressured to tell lies by contending that the Omicron variant was and is not mild in Europe. She argued that politicians in Europe wanted to hear that the Omicron variant is not mild. Dr Coetzee is the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association.

through their hanky-panky. As a matter of fact, people know that officials ordered and purchased more than 550 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines for 82 million people in Germany. If the Omicron variant brings  the Covid-19 pandemic to an end, they won´t be able to administer those 550 million doses of the Covid-19 “vaccines”. And people will blame them for mismanaging the pandemic and throwing stacks of money down the drain. That is why pressure was mounted on Dr. Angelique Coetzee so that she may lie and say that the Omicron variant isn´t mild. The other reason egging on Karl Lauterbach and his cohorts not to be interested in dropping or rolling back the Covid-19 restrictions and the vaccine mandate is that they want to claim the (political) credit for the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, they don´t want the Omicron variant to end the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now then, there are a lot of people who are calling for the dropping of the Covid-19 restrictions inasmuch as other countries (Denmark, England, and Norway, among others) have scrapped their Covid-19 restrictions.  Also,  the Omicron variant has proved to be less severe in Germany. For instance, Dr. Lutz Trümper, Lord Mayor of the city of Magdeburg, and Dr. Eike Hennig, Public Health Officer, held an important press conference a couple of  days ago. They disclosed the Covid-19 figures regarding the city of Madgeburg. Actually, these figures confirm the thesis and fact that the Omicron variant isn´t severe. Dr. Hennig  stated: “ At the moment we´ve got relative calm in hospitals and medical facilities. “ As for Dr. Trümper, he argued: “That shows that the current risk of being diseased with Covid-19 and of dying from it has slumped. “ The Lord Mayor of Magdeburg added: “ The measures [the restrictions] we´ve put in place […] haven´t prevented the infection figures from soaring […] They [the Covid-19 infection figures] have soared.“

Author: National Triangle — Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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