National Triangle Online Magazine

National Triangle (NT) Online Magazine

is a bilingual (French and English) quality online magazine covering relevant aspects of Cameroon´s cultures, history, economy and business as well as current affairs and sports. Moreover, National Triangle Online Magazine discusses matters and issues relating, pertaining and/or alluding to eternal life, salvation, religion, faith, ethics and morals. 





    * Publisher:

       Mathias Victorien Ntep II  



    * Editorial Board:

       Mathias Victorien Ntep II

       Ferdinand Mayega ma Ndihe

       Paul Emmanuel Mbadi

       Paul-Christian Njock

       Lucien Noé Ntep

       François Simon Pierre Ngan Tonye


   * Credentials

      Mathias Victorien Ntep II earned  an advanced post-graduate degree (diploma of advanced studies )  in

      Journalism and Mass Communications from the Johannes Gutenberg – University of Mainz, Germany. Concurrently

      (with this), he took courses in Journalism at the CNFDI of Brunoy, in Greater Paris, France. Moreover, he attended

      courses  in Public Relations, Computing, and Accounting at  the Community Education College of Frankfurt (Main),






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